The Smart Lid

The Hot Coffee Problem

Each year in the USA 150,000 hot liquid scalds need medical treatment - American Burn Association.

Liquid Burns

Liquid burn hazards commence at about 48°C (118°F) and extreme ‘scalding’ burns occur at 68°C (154°F).

Serving Temperature

Serving temperatures start at 68°C (154°F) go up to 100°C (212°F) for hot tea. Ideal brewing temperature for hot coffee is around 87°C (188°F).

Market Numbers

Americans consume 400 million cups of hot drinks daily, and 2.25 billion are consumed everyday worldwide.

Why The Smart Lid

The Smart Lid is about creating awareness - for you, your children and the elderly.

Heat Sensitive Coffee Lids

The Smart Lid is a disposable coffee lid that changes color when it comes in contact with heat.

Everyone Says WOW

The product is a visual warning indicator that the contents are hot and the color change is reversed as the cup contents cool down.

US, Europe and Asia

Comprehensive implementation programs for packaging distributors or chains who want to use their current lid supplier to manufacture the Smart Lid. FDA and European direct food-contact compliant. Patents Granted.

Locally manufactured Smart Lids - 2017

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North America

Smart Lid USA

Smart Lid USA are the license holder of our technology for North America

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